Individually Customized Women’s Hair Replacement Solutions for Female Hair Loss

Women’s Hair Replacement Pittsburgh

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Women’s Hair Replacement Pittsburgh

NON-SURGICAL HAIR REPLACEMENT FOR WOMEN.  For women, thinning hair and hair loss can be emotionally devastating. But our message is that it doesn’t have to be so. There are amazing, beautiful, and effective women’s hair replacement solutions to restore not only your hair, but also your sense of style and self-confidence. And at Salon Iaomo in Pittsburgh, we offer access to the finest women’s hair replacement and hair loss solutions on the market.

There are great reasons to consider Salon Iaomo for your hair replacement needs. Our women’s hair replacement systems and hair augmentation solutions can be perfectly style and integrated with your own hair to for a completely natural, totally undetectable look and feel. Our experienced stylists are careful to preserve your own naturally growing hair as they blend in your new hair in your own favorite color, length, and style.

Hair replacement and hair augmentation systems from Salon Iaomo in Pittsburgh offer amazing results. They are comfortable, lightweight, and easy to style.  Whether you are just beginning to experience thinning hair or are in the most advanced stages of female hair loss, our caring, discreet hair loss and hair restoration professionals can provide you with a full spectrum of women’s hair restoration options to meet your specific needs and lifestyle.

Women’s Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

At Salon Iaomo in Pittsburgh, we have helped women suffering from thinning hair, balding, and alopecia find the perfect hair loss solutions to meet their specific needs and type of hair loss. Whether you are undergoing chemotherapy treatments, or experiencing natural, genetic hair loss and thinning hair, we offer a full range of beautiful women’s non-surgical hair augmentation and hair restoration solutions to help you get your hair back – beautifully and naturally. Our women’s hair loss solutions include:

  • Hair replacement, integration and augmentation systems
  • Amazing Alopecia and Medical Wigs made from 100% natural human hair
  • 100% Virgin European hair wigs and toppers
  • Gorgeous 100% natural human hair extensions

Natural Looking Women’s Hair Replacement Results You Can Get Excited About

If you would like to learn more about Salon Iaomo’s non-surgical hair replacement solutions or other hair loss treatment options, call us today. We’ll schedule a free private consultation where we can do a hair and scalp analysis and help you get the hair you’ve been dreaming about! Call (412) 428-0121 now to book your appointment.

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