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Women’s Hair Extensions Pittsburgh

Beautiful 100% Natural Hair Extensions from the hair extensions experts at Salon Iaomo in Pittsburgh are a wonderful way to undetectably add length, body, and thickness to your existing hair. And they integrate seamlessly with your own hair to give you the added length, coverage, and volume, making them perfect for women who are suffering from thinning hair, alopecia, or minor female hair loss.

Pittsburgh’s Finest Hair Extensions

Now you can have the look you want with limitless styling and coloring options. Whether you’re looking for an extra boost for that special occasion, or just want to look and feel special for every occasion, the hair extensions experts at Salon Iaomo in Pittsburgh can help you get the hair and achieve the look you want: long gorgeous hair, straight or curly, full bodied color, highlights, lowlights. Your choices are limited only by your imagination.

100% Natural Human Hair

We start by selecting and matching the finest human hair to your own hair’s color and texture. Our exclusive, non-damaging attachment techniques are extra gentle so as not to damage your own growing hair. They can also be removed quickly and easily, if you so desire. Application is quick and easy, usually achieved in as little as two hours.  The result is amazing hair, with a full range of motion, giving you the flexibility to wear your hair any way you like.

Amazing Hair Extensions in Pittsburgh

Salon Iaomo is a recognized leader in hair solutions for men and women throughout the Pittsburgh area. We offer a truly caring and supportive environment, with clients finding true allies in our staff and stylists who daily provide best-in-class hair styling and hair loss solutions naturally, elegantly, and seamlessly.

What could added length, fullness and volume do for your hair? What about added highlights or lowlights for your hair? At Salon Iaomo in Pittsburgh, it’s easy to find your perfect new look in just one afternoon. At Salon Iaomo, you can explore all the hairstyles you’ve always wanted and get the hair you truly deserve.

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What Our Clients Say

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“Jessica is by far the best stylist! She has been cutting my hair now for nearly 5 years, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! She knows my hair and what I like. I don’t even have to tell her and she knows what I want done. Salon Iaomo is lucky to have her!”

“I have thin hair. And I have very few thin hairs. But Kathy at Salon IAOMO made me into a hip, sassy lady!! Still have the few thin hairs…but they look fabulous!”

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Whether you have thin hair, want more hair, or looking for additional length, we offer the latest techniques in hair extension and hair replacement for men and women.

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