You could go to Salon Iaomo for the latest styles, coloring techniques or a Brazilian Blowout, but what many people don’t know is that you can go there to get the highest quality Pittsburgh hair replacement solutions in the region.Salon Iaomo

“We have a lot of clients going through chemotherapy. And, there are a lot of people out there with trichotillomania, a hair-pulling disorder, that we help as well,” said Roberta Kozel, Owner. “We also see a lot of clients who are dealing with male and female pattern baldness that just occurs naturally with age and genetics or the added stresses of everyday life. That definitely takes a toll on someone’s hair loss.”

While non-surgical hair replacement and wigs are a very sensitive issue for most people, to the point where potential clients sometimes talk themselves out of seeking help, because they have to build up the courage. It takes them longer to address the issue. Kozel said the technology used in making today’s hair replacements is vastly different than what people may think.

“It’s come a long, long way. Thirty years ago, they had bases made of leather, and today, they’re made of lace, so they’re quite undetectable,” Kozel said. “It’s not your grandma’s wig anymore. They’re very natural. They come in current hairstyles and colors. I can get any length, any color and even the fibers themselves are more natural today than they were in the past.”

What’s more, if your hair loss is a medically induced situation or condition, such as with chemotherapy, your wig may be covered by your insurance company. Kozel said every policy varies, ranging from no coverage up to full coverage of a wig as a prosthetic, so clients should check with their insurance company to be sure.

Once in hand, the average lifespan of a wig when properly maintained can be up to three years.

“Some clients have had repeated bouts of cancer and have used the same wig through all of them,” she said. “They just bring it in for some TLC that includes steaming, fluffing and a set then the wig is ready again.”

On the salon side, Salon Iaomo takes pride in having some of the most highly trained and qualified stylists in the region. They are proud to say they have over 130 years combined experience in the hair/beauty industry.  Each of their stylists is required to acquire a set amount of training each year, which keeps them apprised of the latest techniques and trends.

“We are tremendously educated and certified in what we do and the training we have to do is ongoing,” Kozel said. “My staff goes to at least four classes or seminars a year to keep current and updated on techniques and trends or anything of that nature, especially in the hair extensions division of the salon. We have numerous certifications and awards for our work. Education in the field is key to success in this business and we refuse to skimp in that arena.”

For more information on Salon Iaomo’s Pittsburgh hair replacement options or salon services, go to their website at, where you can see examples of their work. Salon Iaomo is located at 1016 Greentree Road, Suite 100, Pittsburgh, 15220. You can also call them with any questions or to set an appointment at 412.428.0121.